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Legal team of the law office

Law Office Velickovic  – Lawyers in  Belgrade. The legal team of the law office consists of two partner attorneys, 4 attorneys and a business secretary. We endeavour to cover the entire field of civil law with our expertise. We believe that we are one of the leading law offices in the field of civil law in Serbia and the region as lawyers specialized in real estate and legal relations. We represent many prominent individuals, private companies, as well as other entities. We cooperate with numerous important economic entities that we primarily represent in the field of commercial law and the collection of receivables. Many our clients are individuals as well.

We have expanded our activities to the territory of the former Yugoslav republics as well as parts of Europe. We operate at the highest professional standards, inspired by leading European and American offices. We base our work on transparent pricing based on the tariff of lawyers’ fees and the realistic expectations of our clients. The Law Office Veličković also provides pro bono legal services in certain cases, which is how we try to demonstrate solidarity with our clients. The office is located in the centre of Belgrade, with headquarters at 8 Resavska Street in Vračar. Contact us for professional advice and legal assistance.

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The principles we are guided by

In addition to the basic duties of protecting the interests of their clients, attorneys must be guardians of constitutionality and legality and must always point out violations of regulations both by the judiciary and, if needed, by the executive branch. Attorneys must adhere to the Code of Professional Ethics for Lawyers. An attorney must be independent, conscientious, honest, and must maintain professional secrecy and reputation. Significant knowledge, moderation and analytical approach to legal problems are the traits that make an attorney recommendable. I was guided by these principles of work when the Law Office was established, and when I entered the register of attorneys and started practicing law.

Our legal team will always be ready to assist you in any of your legal cases and aid you with suggestions and advice.

Legal services

Professional counselling and representation

Advokati Beograd - advokat Veljko Veličković
Attorney Veljko Velickovic

The founder and owner of the law office “Veličković” is attorney Veljko M. Veličković.

He was born in Belgrade in 1984.

He completed his studies at the Fourteenth Belgrade Grammar School and the Faculty of Law of the University of Belgrade – Department of Justice. He graduated with high grades and on time.

He completed his traineeship as an intern at a law office, which means that he has been in the legal field since his first working day. He has been practicing law since 2010, when he was registered in the directory of the Belgrade Bar Association.

From the first day in the legal profession, he has made key contacts and acquaintances and very quickly became a representative of renowned Belgrade companies and prominent individuals. He has the most experience in the fields of family law, compensation of damages, business law and labour law.

He speaks English and French.

Apart from the attorneys who work there, the legal team in the Veličković law office also includes business secretary Biljana Batnoga.
She was born in Sisak in 1989.
She graduated high school in Belgrade in 2008, and graduated from the University of Belgrade in 2016.
She joined Veličković law office in the capacity of business secretary in 2017.
She performs administrative and secretary tasks and significantly speeds up, improves and enhances the operations of the law office. With her highly energetic personality, she contributes to the positive atmosphere in the work environment.
She speaks English and German.

In her free time, she studies foreign languages, travels, explores meteorological phenomena and nature.

Associates of our law office

Extra strength to our firm

Makaji Slavko

Attorney Belgrade

He graduated from the Faculty of Law, University of Novi Sad.
He has been practicing law since 1984.
He specializes in the field of criminal law and representation of defendants in general criminal cases.

Veinović Sanja

Attorney Belgrade

She graduated from the Faculty of Law.

She has been working as an attorney since 1998, when she was entered in the register of lawyers.

She specializes in the field of civil litigation, collection of compensation claims from traffic accidents and other types of damages.

Trbojević Dušan

Attorney Belgrade

He graduated from the Faculty of Law, University of Belgrade.

He has been practicing law since 2005.

His specialty are cases in the field of family law.

Obradović Aleksandar

Attorney Belgrade

He graduated from the Faculty of Law, University of Belgrade.

He has been practicing law since 2015.

He specializes in the field of business law and representation of business entities.

Tariff of attorney fees

About the law office

A place where you are always welcome - Attorneys Belgrade

The law office is located in the heart of Belgrade with its experienced team of attorneys who are always happy to meet you and provide the best possible professional service.

Unlike some other law offices in Belgrade, we try to provide our clients with a modern approach to solving legal problems while maintaining maximum courtesy in mutual relations. Happy clients are the best reference for an attorney. Through a dynamic and modern approach, we strive to provide assistance in various legal areas in a way that allows the needs of clients to be met as efficiently as possible. What the level of success in a business will be depends on the speed required to understand the upcoming changes and to provide an adequate response to those changes. We look forward to broaden our good reputation through our commitment to high standards of conduct.

Advokatska kancelarija - Advokat Beograd

Customer relationship

Client protection - Attorney Belgrade

In consultations with the client and having studied the documentation, the attorney establishes the goal one strives for which may lead to mutual satisfaction, whereby any misunderstanding is avoided between the attorney and the client, because after all, a good reference for the attorney and a happy client are the most rewarding results of legal work. We sign a written representation agreement with clients which clearly stipulates the rights and obligations of each party, whereby we avoid ambiguities in relationships, dissatisfaction and deception of our clients, which tend to occur with some of our unscrupulous colleagues.

The Law Office Velickovic in Belgrade and all its employees all have a compulsory professional liability insurance policy for any errors in conduct, which provides the parties with full legal protection even in case of errors, but we are proud to point out that so far, this insurance was never utilized, which is testament to the conscientious and quality work we render.



Our number one priority! Something you can expect from us at all times. Professionalism is the primary distinguishing quality of an attorney.



Each legal case gets our full attention and commitment regardless of its severity. Sometimes even small clients are a significant reference.



We take all our clients seriously and are determined to help them. Seriousness must be the highest standard in legal matters.


Our services in detail

Compensation of damages

Filing claims and representation before insurance companies, compensation for damages due to injuries at work, unpaid salaries or unused annual leave, compensation for damages arising from traffic accidents, compensation for damages due to unjustified detention, stray dog bites or unjustified loan processing costs …

Real estate law

Real estate and legal relations, compilation of sales contracts, drafting of construction contracts, verification of the legal status of the real estate that is the subject of a purchase, legal assistance in the legalization of real estate, verification of real estate documentation, real estate registration …

Collection of claims

Drafting of warnings prior to lawsuits and drafting of warnings prior to enforcement, drafting of lawsuits, payment orders and proposals for forced collection, representation of creditors in forced collection proceedings based on invoices, bills of exchange and other credible documents, representation of debtors in proceedings regarding unjustified claim collection before creditors

Labour law,

Unpaid salaries, illegal dismissals, illegal annexes, mobbing, overtime work, annulment of decisions …

Inheritance law

Representation in inheritance proceedings, representation in civil proceedings regarding disputed inheritance issues, violations in inheritance issues, protection of the forced share in inheritance, drafting of wills, lifetime support agreements and other inheritance agreements …

Trial within a reasonable time

Protection of the right to a trial within a reasonable time, representation in proceedings for the violation of the right to a trial within a reasonable time, representation before the Public Attorney’s Office…

Misdemeanour law

Participation in negotiations and settlements, drafting of submissions and written defence in misdemeanour proceedings, representation of natural and legal persons in hearings prior to the main trial in misdemeanour cases.

Constitutional law

Submission of constitutional complaints and representation in proceedings before the Constitutional Court of Serbia.


Representation in proceedings of illegal expropriations, representation in non-litigation proceedings of determining the price for the expropriated real estate.

“Error(ignorantia) iuris nocet,facti non nocet.”

Misconceptions about the law are harmful, misconceptions about facts aren’t.


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