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Velickovic Law Office provides a wide range of services related to family law. As family law is a very sensitive law field, we strive to provide full legal support to our clients, given the sensitivity of family issues. If you need a family lawyer in Belgrade, feel free to contact us and contact us

Family law services

  • Divorce
  • Property division
  • Prenuptial agreement and marriage contract
  • Resolving property relations in a common law marriage
  • Exercise of parental rights
  • Deprivation of parental rights
  • Disputing and establishing paternity
  • Alimony
  • Deprivation of legal capacity
  • Domestic violence


Most often, our clients ask us to represent them in the divorce process. In this field, we provide services for drafting a lawsuit, divorce settlement agreement and later, representation at hearings. Considering the fact that divorce proceedings are often difficult and emotional, it is important that the parties have the best, or at least good, family law lawyers. The knowledge of the lawyer can be crucial in deciding which parent will get parental rights. If the parent is not granted the right to exercise parental rights, then it is important to get the highest quality and best parental plan seeing their child, where the help of a lawyer can be very influential.

The best advice that family law attorneys can give you is that settling and agreeing with a partner is usually a better option than any court decision. It is very important to know the case law, to have experience, in order to achieve the best possible settlement for the client and a potentially peaceful resolution of the dispute.

Property division

In the property division, our legal services are mostly related to proving in court the existence and amount of the spouses’ share in the joint property. The most common situation is when one spouse uses the legal presumption of equal share of both spouses in acquiring joint property, which generally has to be settled in court. In that case, the help of a lawyer is especially important in obtaining documents and proving the origin of the acquisition of property.

Legal lawyer assistance is also needed in the case of later expertise, when it is proven that one spouse has an exclusive or significantly higher contribution to the acquisition of property than the other spouse. It is necessary for clients to keep documentation proving the origin of the acquisition of separate or joint property.

Prenuptial agreement and marriage contract

In case you need a prenuptial agreement or marriage contract, we can draw it up for you. These contracts are especially important when there is a big difference between the properties of the spouses, when bringing that property into the marital union. Advocacy service consists of drafting contracts, in accordance with the intentions of the contracting parties, while notaries certify those contracts, because notarization is necessary for legal effect.

The marriage contracts can specify what and how much of the property will belong to each spouse after the end of the marriage.

Resolving property relations in a common law marriage

 In common law marriages, the most common issues for lawyers are proving the existence of a common law marriage and the property contribution of each common law partner, during acquiring property in a common law marriage. Lawyers can help protect the rights of a common law partner who is harmed in the acquisition of joint property. Proof of the existence of a common law marriage is usually done in written statements or by witnesses. If the existence of a common law marriage is proven, it is assumed that all property acquired in the union is joint property.

Exercise of parental rights

Exercising parental rights is perhaps the most sensitive issue in marital law. For our clients we provide legal assistance in obtaining custody of a child. When exercising parental rights, the courts usually assign mothers to sole legal custody, meaning that in a certain way, mothers have a privileged position.

For parents who are not married but have children together, we file lawsuits for exercising parental rights. The procedure regulates who will exercise the parental rights, the parental plan and the alimony amount for the minor children they have together.

Deprivation of parental rights

Deprivation of parental rights is certainly the most severe penalty for any parent. There are especially irresponsible parents who deserve the court to apply this extreme measure to them, but these are very rare cases. Parents deserve this penalty when they neglect or abuse their children. We assist our clients in such situations as well.

Clients hire our law office for more common cases of partial deprivation of parental rights, in situations when one parent obstructs the other’s exercise of parental rights and all against the interests of children. These are the most common cases in practice, and those happen when giving consent for a change of residence of a child or a change of school, when it is necessary to deprive an obstructing parent of the right to decide on that (when a parent makes decisions against the interests of children).

Disputing and establishing paternity

Cases of disputing maternity are also rare in practice. Cases of establishing and disputing paternity are of much greater importance. Unfortunately, it is estimated that a few percent of men raise other people’s children without even knowing it, so it is important to establish paternity when there is a suspicion of such a thing and to dispute or establish it in court. In these cases, Velickovic Law Office can be helpful.

The other cases we are dealing with are when a person is registered as a father but he is not, all because of the legal presumption that the father of the child is considered the husband of the child’s mother, if the child is born in marriage or 300 days after marriage. These cases can cause numerous legal problems for the mother, the child and the real father of the child, so it is necessary to react quickly by hiring a lawyer and disputing others and establishing one’s paternity.


Velickovic Law Office in Belgrade also provides services in determining the alimony amount for a child, spouse or other relatives. In Serbia, the legal field of alimony is quite broad and is regulated by the Family Law.

The most common legal services that we provide in this area are maximizing the alimony amount that is determined in court proceeding of the other parent, because court disputes between parents are the most common for child support. The alimony amount that can be determined by the court ranges between 15% and 50% of the parents’ earnings, which is quite a wide range that depends on many circumstances. Because of that, a lawyer’s knowledge and experience of what to present to the court can be of great importance.

Deprivation of legal capacity

Deprivation of legal capacity is rare in practice and is most often applied to people who are no longer able to decide independently on their rights and obligations, all in order not to harm themselves or their immediate family. Deprivation of legal capacity is done in a non-civil procedure and it is necessary to perform an expert examination of the person whose legal capacity is revoked. After the expert examination, if the reasons for deprivation of legal capacity are determined, the court shall issue a decision depriving a person of its legal capacity. We provide legal services in these rare situations as well.

Domestic violence

In terms of legislation, domestic violence protection is regulated quite well in Serbia. Victims are guaranteed protection in criminal, civil and proceedings before the police. Victims of violence certainly need the best possible family law lawyer because of the sensitivity and urgency of these procedures.

The goal of the domestic violence protection procedure is to provide the victims of domestic violence with the best possible treatment and impose measures against the violator. The lawyers of our law office are taking action before the judicial authorities to protect victims of violence and sanction the violators.

Legal aid

If you have any additional questions about family law or you need additional information, you can contact the law office via email or via the contact form on our website. You can also contact us by phone stated on our website. Additional information about lawyers can be obtained through the directory of the Belgrade Bar Association. The office is open from 08:00 to 17:00, our adress is  in Belgrade Resavska 8 .